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Monday, 29 September 2014 00:00
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2015 SW Zone and SPMS Short Course Meters Championships
Hosted by the Long Beach Grunions
December 4-6, 2015

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Sanction Number: 335-S024

Fees: $49.00 flat fee for entries completed online by 11:59pm or postmarked by Monday, November 16. Entry fee includes a meet souvenir.

Add a $15.00 late fee for entries completed online or postmarked after Monday, November 16. All entries must be received by 6:00pm Wednesday, November 25. No individual deck entries are allowed.

Entries: Swimmers are limited to entering a total of 6 individual events for the entire meet and no more than 5 individual events per day. If the event is deemed too large, all althletes' sixth event will be dropped. On the entry form, please indicate your sixth event with an asterisk. Age on December 31, 2015 determines age group for the meet.

Relays: Relay entries are $10.00 per relay. All relays will be deck entered. A USMS-registered swimmer who wishes to only swim relay events must enter the meet before the start of event No. 1, by paying the $10.00 relay-only entry fee (does not include meet souvenir) and must sign a consolidated entry card. There is no limit on relays, but swimmers may swim only one relay (men, women, or mixed) per event.

Seeding: All events will be seeded and swum slowest to fastest. Men and women will be seeded together for the 800 and 1500 m Freestyle and 400 m Individual Medley, based on entry time. Men and women will swim separately for all other individual events.

Scoring: will be by gender and age group. The 1500 m Freestyle may be limited to the first 80 entries at the discretion of the meet manager. Swimmers may enter both the 800 and 1500 m Freestyle.

Timing: Electronic timing will be used and two timers per lane will be provided.

Check-in: Positive check-in is required for all events. Swimmers may check-in using SwimPhone, or in person at the meet.

  • Check-in is available for the 1500m Freestyle and will close at 7:30 am Friday
  • Check-in events 2 through 7 will close at 12 noon Friday
  • Check-in for the 400m Freestyle will close at 7:30 am Saturday
  • Check-in for the 800m Freestyle will close at 7:30 am Sunday
  • Check-in for remaining events on Saturday and Sunday will close one hour prior to the anticipated start of the event.

Awards: Individual: Medals for places 1 to 3 and ribbons for places 4 to 6 for each age group and gender. Relays: Medals for 1st place, ribbons for 2nd and 3rd places. There will be special awards for high point male and female swimmer in each age group, based on points from individual events. Awards to the top five teams, based on combined scoring for men and women, individual events plus relays.

Registration: Register online or mail an SPMS entry card, copy of 2015 USMS card and a check payable to Long Beach Grunions to: LB Grunions, c/o Bart Parnes, 645 Terrylynn Place, Long Beach, CA 90807. Receipt of entry will not be verified by phone. Send a SASE or stamped postcard for return receipt.

Questions: Meet Director Kenny Brisbin, phone (714) 273-8793 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Meet Administrator Steve Ingram, phone (714) 707-4800 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Friday, December 4, 2015
Warm-up 7:00 am, Meet starts at 8:00 am
Check in for 1500 m Freestyle closes at 7:30 am

  1. 1500 m Freestyle (Women, Men)
  2. Women’s 200 m Individual Medley
  3. Men’s 200 m Individual Medley
  4. Women’s 100 m Freestyle
  5. Men’s 100 m Freestyle
  6. Women’s 200 m Backstroke
  7. Men’s 200 m Backstroke
  8. 800 m Freestyle Relay* (Women, Men, Mixed)

Saturday, December 5, 2014
Warm-up at 7:00 am, Meet starts at 8:00 am
Check in for the 400 m Freestyle closes at 7:30 am

  1. Women’s 400 m Freestyle
  2. Men’s 400 m Freestyle
  3. Women’s 50 m Butterfly
  4. Men’s 50 m Butterfly
  5. 400m Freestyle Relay (Women, Men, Mixed)
  6. Women’s 100 m Backstroke
  7. Men’s 100 m Backstroke
  8. Women’s 100 m Breaststroke
  9. Men’s 100 Breaststroke
  10. Women’s 200 m Butterfly
  11. Men’s 200 m Butterfly
  12. 200 m Medley Relay* (Women, Men, Mixed)
  13. Women’s 50 m Freestyle
  14. Men’s 50 m Freestyle
  15. 400 m Individual Medley (Women, Men)

Sunday, December 6, 2015
Warm-up at 7:00 am, Meet starts at 8:00 am
Check in for the 800 m Freestyle closes at 7:30 am

  1. 800 m Freestyle (Women, Men)
  2. Women’s 100 m Butterfly
  3. Men’s 100 m Butterfly
  4. Women’s 50 m Breaststroke
  5. Men’s 50 m Breaststroke
  6. 400m Medley Relay (Women, Men, Mixed)
  7. Women’s 200 m Freestyle
  8. Men’s 200 m Freestyle
  9. Women’s 100 m Individual Medley
  10. Men’s 100 m Individual Medley
  11. Women’s 50 m Backstroke
  12. Men’s 50 m Backstroke
  13. Women’s 200 m Breaststroke
  14. Men’s 200 m Breaststroke
  15. 200 m Freestyle Relay (Women, Men, Mixed)

*Relays: A swimmer may swim only one relay in each of events 8, 13, 20, 29, and 38.